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Sponsor's Fall Message 

Hello 2019 Sponsors! 

I believe it is important to start with thanking you for stepping forward to contribute to ongoing development of our ABOA Members.  

We are firm believers that this open and concise dialog is a significant contributor to promoting a consistent application of the Alberta Building Code throughout the Province. We look forward to another year of excellence and quality information from you our sponsors. Thank you for the consistency with which you deliver excellence. 

This year is our 60th Anniversary!  We look forward to celebrating it with you and thank each of you for your support in this landmark year.

We have an open forum discussion on specific code requirements and challenges. This session is the single best place to wrestle with complex and challenging code interpretations and we consistently have strong participation in this. There have also been arrangements made for a SCC report writing course, that ABOA members helped to create! 

Our Quick Reference Agenda is posted with information on our Presenters and their topics we have scheduled for this 2019 Conference on July 12, 2019.  The detailed Agenda will be updated once I have complete write-ups, which will hopefully be early next week!  

I look forward to seeing you there! 


Ryan Nixon
President ABOA
Director for Building, Fire, Plumbing & Gas
The Inspections Group Inc.
Off (780) 454-5048
Cell (780) 996-3355
Fax (780) 454-5222