New Job Postings


ABOA’s Job Posting Board
is a placing of related jobs either within the province or elsewhere.

The rate for this service is $150.00 for non-members and $75.00 for those who are in good standing. This service can be used for those who are seeking employment and those who have employment.

All career opportunities without a closing date will be posted online for 30 calendar days.

  1. Payment for postings by cheque made out to: Alberta Building Officials Association (mailed to the Treasurer, please see information at bottom of About Us page for mailing information).
  2. The listing is to be sent to the Treasurer in a PDF format.
  3. Your posting will remain in place until closing date, or if requested, will be removed prior to the closing date.
  4. This is not a referral service.
  5. Users are responsible to make their own contacts.

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