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Consider the many Benefits of a Membership...

Safety Codes Officers play an increasingly critical and demanding role in the Alberta construction industry. Since 1959, the Alberta Building Officials Association (ABOA) has been serving its members by promoting the use and understanding of the Alberta Building Code and related standards through conferences and educational opportunities.

Why join ABOA?

There are many reasons such as:
  • Membership
    • Helps you connect with other industry professionals.
    • Keeps you updated on code changes.
    • You get answers to frequently asked questions.
    • Helps keep you in touch with the Safety Codes Council Sub Councils.
    • Gives you access to important training.
At the two annual conventions, you will hear from industry partners on new products and services and best building practices. Conventions are also an important forum to participate in discussions with government agencies and industry partners.

At a National level, 2007 saw the launch of the National Certification program, a professional designation that ensures a consistent approach and understanding of code application in Canada. It also brings a new level of professional recognition to Safety Code Officers. Last November, the first group was awarded National Certification. As it is mandatory to be a provincial member to participate in National Certification program, it's another excellent reason to belong to ABOA!

ACBOA Application Process

1. Completed application forms for ABOA Membership along with payment are submitted to ABOA Treasurer. Treasurer receives applications and fees, in turn issues a receipt to the applicant. The treasurer forwards the applications for membership to the Membership Director.

2. The Membership Director adds the name to the Excel spreadsheet to show the member is in good standing for the current year. (Jan.1 to Dec.31)

3. A membership card (certificate) is sent back to the applicant.

4. The member now in good standing may make application for National Certification from ACBOA.

5. ALL application forms along with the admin fee, for ACBOA must be submitted to the Membership Director to verify “in good standing” (fees paid).

6. The Director will complete the portion of the ACBOA application form which confirms the member in good standing. Record date submitted on spreadsheet.

7. Upon verification, the application form and fee shall be forwarded to ACBOA for consideration.

8. All responses from ACBOA shall be returned to the applicant.

Join today by completing and sending in the Membership Form!

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NOTE: New applications are processed via our website registry. Please contact the Membership Director if you have any issues.

ABOA Membership Application

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